Maintaining Control

Loss of control is one of the most common reasons cited for hesitating when it comes to adopting cloud technology.

How comfortable do you feel leaving the finer details of your move to the cloud in someone else’s hands? Are you confident that they understand the nuances of your operating environment?

Don’t let someone else take over. Become the expert and maintain control.

Lowering Risk

Updating technology is fraught with risk. You’ll be risking time, money, past investments in technology, staff happiness, a business model that has been successful to date… It’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

Then there’s the risk of NOT updating your capability in today’s fast paced, competitive business environment. Are you confident that all the risks have been addressed?

Don’t let an oversight open you up to risk.

Skills and Staffing

Staffing issues are holding businesses back and costing millions. They’re holding you back.

Do you have the skills and experience in-house to manage risks and maintain control of migrating to the cloud? Will they have the know-how to seamlessly collaborate with outside providers?

Nurture your in-house talent to become cloud experts. 

Being an Informed Customer

The only constant with IT is that it is constantly changing. Cloud technology intersects with a vast range of supporting technologies which means that developing expertise takes years.

The problem is, you don’t have years.

Find out how to become an expert.

Securing your Data

Stories of leaks and hacks on businesses operating in the cloud leave many people wondering, is it really safe?

You need Qirx in a box to design a system tailored to meet your workforce needs for optimal security. With detailed documentation and processes in place you can confidently eliminate weak spots before the transition even begins.

Want to develop a cloud environment with optimal security?

New to Cloud

Getting started is a daunting task if you’re new to cloud computing. All you know is that mistakes aren’t an option.

Now imagine you could remove all the stress and confusion from researching, developing, and implementing a cloud based solution for your business.

Want to upskill quickly?

    For more on how Qirx in a Box turns everyday IT people into cloud experts, contact us today.